Thank you for your interest in advertising on Max Country!

MAXIMUM Country Music with the MINIMUM Commercial Interruption

Charter Members of MAX have a unique opportunity to welcome this new country station to the airwaves during the commercial free launch period Now through April 30th

Members who sign up for a full year’s Membership receive the following:

  • Guaranteed rates for 21 months with renewal
  • Sponsor Mentions from sign-up date through May 31st (Requires a 6-month agreement)
  • Charter Membership Sponsor Mentions through all of 2017
  • Two for One Bonus ads January – March 2018 (buy 2/ get 1)
  • MAX’s Two-Minute Promise – Max will never play more than 2 minutes of commercials (2 commercial breaks with 4 ads each=ONLY 8 units per hour)
  • The Two Minute Promise makes MAX the best broadcast environment for your message
  • EXTREMELY Limited packages available
Membership Ads per month Bonus Ads Monthly Totals Charter Member Discount
o MAX Country Gold Membership 22 (:30) @ $14.50 10 (:30) 128 :(30) $1,276
Mon. – Fri. Mon. – Sat. ads per month $957
6a-7p 6am -10pm Charter Members get one week free every month!
$319 a week $0 $1,276
o MAX Country Silver Membership 16 (:30) @ $16.25 5 (:30) 88 (:30) $1,040
Mon. – Fri. Mon. – Sun. ads per month $780
6a-7p 5am -12m Charter Members get one week free every month!
$260 a week $0 $1,040

*Bonus ads are not included when calculating guaranteed rates

For information on advertising with us you can contact our office by phone at 301-620-7700 and ask for Larry Veihmeyer, or you can email Larry directly at:

Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm.